Sunday, 15 February 2009

The Steve Mason Playlist

To quote Interview Magazine; Today what you play is only as important as how you play it (and in what order.)

After an iPod swap we had the pleasure of playing this very eclectic mix of songs. Made by the legendary Steve Mason of Beta Band, King Biscuit Time and now Black Affair.
Customers has been raving about it, so it felt like we owed them to list all 154 songs and the order of them. Here it is, so get a pen and paper!

Albert Washington - Hold me baby
Alien Sex Fiend - In god we trust
Baba Brooks - Special Event
Bettye Swann - The heartache is gone
Black Affair - Fingerability
Bobby Angelle - Too much for you
Bobby Nunn - Sex Maniac
The Capers - Candy Store blues
The Capers - Miss you my dear
The Cramps - Strychnine
The Creatures - Standing There
The Creatures - Manchild
The Creatures - You!
The Creatures - Pity
The Creatures - Willow
The Creatures - Pluto Drive
The Creatures - Solar Chour
The Creatures - Speeding
The Creatures - Fury Eyes
The Creatures - Fruitman
The Creatures - Untiedundone
The Creatures - Simoon
The Creatures - Strolling Wolf
The Creatures - Venus Sand
The Creatures - Morri A
D.A.F - Kebabtraume
Danse Society - Somewhere
The Dells - Oh what a night
The Dells - Tell the world
The Dells - Times make you change
Derek Harriott - Reach out i'll be there
Desmond Dekker - Soldering
Don Drummond - Bellevue Special
Don Drummond - No more
Duchess Says - Black Flag
The El Dorados - I'll be forever loving you
The El Dorados - She Don't Run Around
The El Dorados - Baby I Need You
Fad Gadget - Back to Nature
Fad Gadget - Handshake
Felice Taylor - I can feel love
Herman Marquis - The Teaser
The Hi-Liters - Bobby Sox Baby
The Hi-Liters - Feelin' Allright
Ike & Tina Turner - He's the one
The Impressions - At the country fair
The Isley Brothers - It's your thing
Jackie Opel - You send me
Japanese Telecom - Making of Ultraman
Joe White & Chuck - Any time
Joey & Butch - You promised Love
Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Teardrops
Justin Hinds & The Dominoes - Try me
Kelley Polar - Here in the Night
Kelley Polar - My beauty in the Moon
Kelley Polar - Black Hole
King Edwards Allstars - Four season of the year
The Kool Gents - Do ya Do
The Kool Gents - Crazy over you
Laid Back - White Horse
Leather - Nervous
Liaisons Dangereuses - Los Nino sDel Parque
Liaisons Dangereuses - Mystere Dans Le Brouillard
Little Annie - Lean Lanky Daddy
Little Esther Phillips - Mojo Hannah
Lord Tanamo - Mother's Choice
Lord Tanamo - Taller than you are
Love, Mary - Baby i'll Come
The Magnificents - Don't Leave Me
The Magnificents - Rosebud
Maxine Brown - Baby Cakes
Maybe I Suck - Transparent
Meat Beat Manifesto - Psyche-Out
Miss Tina - Miss Tina
Niltzer Ebb - Warzaw Ghetto
No More - Suicide Commando
The Normal - T.V.O.D
The One - DM Vibrator t 3
Otis Redding - These arms of mine
Patsy - Loving Love
The Prodigals - Marsha
Public Image Ltd. - Albatross
Public Image Ltd. - Memories
Public Image Ltd. - Swan Lake
Public Image Ltd. - Poptones
Public Image Ltd. - Careering
Public Image Ltd. - Socialist
Public Image Ltd. - Graveyard
Public Image Ltd. - The Suit
Public Image Ltd. - Bad Baby
Public Image Ltd. - No Birds
Public Image Ltd. - Chant
Public Image Ltd. - Radio 4
Ray Charles - Mess Around
Raymond Harper - Safari
Robert Gori - Darling Don't Leave me
Robert Gori - A ist Wieder Da
The Shaggs - My Pal Foot Foot
Sharon Redd - Beat the Street
The Silvertones - I Want to know
Solomon Burke - Home in your Heart
The Spaniels - Great Googley Moo
Theo Beckford & Raymond Harper - Ska-Ta-Brain
Tones On Tail - Lions
Tones On Tail - War
Tones On Tail - Happiness
Tones On Tail - The Never Ever (is forever)
Tones On Tail - Slender Fungus
Tones On Tail - Movements of Fear
Tones On Tail - Real Life
Tones On Tail - Rain
Tones On Tail - Go! (Club Mix)
Tones On Tail - Christian Says
Tones On Tail - Twist
Tones On Tail - Burning Skies
Tones On Tail - O.K. This is the pops
Tones On Tail - You, The Night, and the music
Tones On Tail - When you're smiling
Tones On Tail - There's only one
Tones On Tail - Now we Lustre
Tones On Tail - A bigger Splash
Tones On Tail - Copper
Tones On Tail - Means of Escape
Tones On Tail - Instrumental
Tones On Tail - Performance
Tones On Tail - Shakes
Tones On Tail - Heartbreak Hotel
Tony & Dennis - I Don't Want to Cry
Tuesday - Leather jacket combo
Tuesday - Lets see you move
Tuesday - No Love In NYC
Twin Crystals - Two Girls
U.N.P.O.C - Amsterdam
U.N.P.O.C - Been a while since i went away
U.N.P.O.C - I Don't feel too steady on my feet
U.N.P.O.C - Here on my own
U.N.P.O.C - Avignon
U.N.P.O.C - Come In
U.N.P.O.C - I love you, Lady Luck
U.N.P.O.C - Dark Harbour Wall
U.N.P.O.C - Jump Jet Friend
U.N.P.O.C - Beautiful to me
U.N.P.O.C - See you Later
U.N.P.O.C - Some kinds of people
U.N.P.O.C - So in tune
U.N.P.O.C - Nicaragua
The Upsetters - Ten Penny Nail
Vanity 6 - Make-Up
Wilson Pickett - If you need me
Michel Mayer - Amanda

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Monday, 9 February 2009

Head scarfs mania

Add a twist to your outfit with a Wendy James stroke Minnie Mouse scarf adorned on your head!! (Ours here is secured with two crystal brooches)

Thank you to K Grand, who showed this look out with her styling on the Top Shop Unique Summer 09 show, a slice of herself in the mid 80's!

(all runway pics borrowed from

I also liked the piece in the Times Style Mag on Feb 1st, shopped by Natalie Hartley and referencing Danielle Scutts African style head wraps, these lovely shots with great looks gave us 'this seasons ultimate finishing touch.'

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Jasper Goodall exhibition

We are big fans of Jasper Goodall's work. He's got an exhibition opening tomorrow at the Electric Blue Gallery. We are going to check it out, you should too!

Here's some examples of his work.

The Mini Tie

We are longing for the day the mini tie will make a proper entrance into mens wardrobes. Here's a little indicator from Acne that this might be possible.

And, obviously our own example...

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Powerdressing in a bag.

This faux snakeskin briefcase bag was bought for the shop as part of a collection.
Influenced by Proenza Shoulers navy crocodile pochettes shown this summer.

(image borrowed from