Monday, 14 June 2010

The French Workjacket

Utility or work ware in fashion was first pioneered by our very own Margaret Howell in the seventies 70s taking inspiration from vintage shirts from the 40s.
The tailoring was designed to be able to move, work, sweat, retain items in the pockets and most important sustain many washes {put through the ringer!!}

In the last decade the Japanese have taken the reins after their obsession with vintage denim {american work-ware} a natural progression onto European utility clothing, we owe them the current trend of the French "Railroad Jackets". The three pockets on the outside and the one on the inside, double stitched seems and heavy duty sanforized denim/cotton.
A great stable in the wardrobe and now getting very popular with the girls, keep an eye out for the moleskin version (indestructible!!!) expensive versions also available from Acne,nonnative, post, engineered garments, old town clothing, albam....

Just get the original @ Mint, Monty Don did !