Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Mint Vintage at ASOS launched on Friday!

James has for the last couple of months worked with on putting handpicked specialist pieces together for their site. He has focused on collectables as well as on trend pieces, all in perfect mint condition, with characteristic details.
The online retail game is something completely new for us and it's been a very exciting and interesting process.
ASOS is the leading online fashion retailer in the UK. Their mix of high street, high end, and independent labels is wider and better than any shoppingarea in London, so no wonder vintage had to have a place there too.

These are a few of the pieces, but have a look and tell us what you think...

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Mint vintage in Supersweet magazine

40s pullover shirt, woorich woolen mills waistcoat, british hunting bag, Ironheart jeans

30s British work jacket, Albam tee

St James breton shirt, japanese work jacket, albam anorak, St James hat, 40s canvas holdall, Albam corduroy trousers, 60s work boots

50s canvas backpack, 40s military leather waistcoat, french pullover shirt, Albam corduroy trousers

30s varsity cardigan, Ironheart hickory shirt, Ironheat jeans, naval oxford shoes

French work shirt, 30s indigo cotton trousers, 50s braces, folk boots

60s varsity jacket, 60s aloha shirt, Lee dungarees, vintage army boots

30s horsehide jacket, 50s gabardine shirt, 50s Harley Davidson cap

Left: 30s British work jacket, Albam tee, 50s herringbone overalls, naval Oxford shoes
Right: Albam tee, 50s herringbone overalls, naval Oxford shoes, gabardine hunting jacket

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Window of the week.

Back from France.

Returned to London after an unfortunate misunderstanding regarding the holidays in France. Managed to clear it all up and under the circumstances we had a happy hunt.

My favorite pieces, new in the shop are the woman's blouses. We found some stunning 50's to 80's lace pieces (very new romantics) and very cool 80's geometric pieces. Also for women we got interesting wool, mohair and lurex cardigans, duffel coats, dresses and ankle boots.

For men we found candy striped shirts, denim shirts all with different detailing, duffelcoats, fitted 60's blazers, Norwegian, ethnic and Breton knitted jumpers, shoes and the forever staple checked and floral button down shirt.

Please come and see us and tell us what you think!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Window of last week

Buying trip.

Today were leaving for France with great expectations of finding the first pieces for our autumn collection. The new pieces will arrive to the shop later on this week, and I will update you of what we find along the way...

Back from Holiday!