Sunday, 17 January 2010


Our winter SALE is on!

For women: winter dresses, coats, fur coats, bow blouses, knitwear, riding and 80's boots, selected suede and leather pieces, winter hats and loads of sequin.

For men: A great selection of mens shoes, flat caps, lumberjack shirts, knitwear, waistcoats, blazers, winter coats, wool trousers and leather jackets.

Friday, 8 January 2010

History of the jumpsuit

We at MINT love the jumpsuit and will make sure it is a staple piece in this seasons wardrobe...

It was born from workwear in the 50's when icon Rosie Riviter, symbol of the working women during the war wore it with her polkadot headband.

Later in the early 60's designers like Rudi Gernreich, YSL, and Norma Kamali brought it into the world of fashion. Music icons like Elvis, David Bowie, Diana Ross all wore it well, while Karen O, Lovefoxx, MIA, and Kylie Minouge keeps it current.

The jumpsuit is an item of the 20th century, and also a symbol of science fiction ever since man landed on the moon, but also by classic movies and outfits in Star Trek and Star Wars.
My absolute favorites this seasons is by Lanvin. Absolutely amazing and pretty difficult for high street to copy...haha ... Enjoy...

Rosie the Riviter

Pucci 1974

Rudi Gernreich 1967

David Bowie


Neil Armstrong



Saturday, 2 January 2010