Friday, 3 April 2009

To chino... or not to chino...

Since the chino is playing a key part in our mens wear looks, it got us thinking about the importance of the casual slack in todays wardrobe!! A very welcome, fresh addition as we tire of jeans, and they look great rolled up and slim or lower and looser with converse.
Styled out now by Acne, Paul Smith Our Legacy and Band of Outsiders
The first chinos were US military issue pants with tapered leg and no pleats, to conserve on fabric. Brook Brothers developed their chino in 1942 and they became commonly worn by high school kids, in the States at a time when jeans were still not permitted and worn with a button down shirt, penny loafers and probably the all important sweater around the shoulders!!! Famously championed by the man Mr Lauren probably since time began.

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